A Journey through Unholy Matrimony

Your Life is Eternal

It's not how your look or from where you come

It's not what you know, or things you have done.

Look not at appearances so soon to fade,

Or status of progress, which you have made.

Beloved, you're more than you now can appraise;

A purpose was given to mark out your days.

A path from the womb did determine your pace,

So you would discover the portals of Grace.

Look again deep within and so quietly seek,

Father's love there awaiting - soon with you to meet.

Let your heart become childlike as you seek His face;

Step into His presence, and recover your place!

You're a jewel irreplaceable, a gem in His crown;

A soul He created, a lost sheep, now found.

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Front Cover of Book

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I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, having learned the priceless contents of my book through a serious search for Truth, from trauma & loss. He became so much more than my teacher, and He'll be that to anyone sincerely seeking Him.

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Sharing these truths helped so many, I was encouraged to write a book to extend help and support to those desperately needing to know a higher, greater perspective.  We are not an accident regardless of how we got here.

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Men and women's identities, when reacquainted with their destinies were revived through revelations given by God, who loves ALL unconditionally He created with a vital, unique purpose no one can copy.

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UPDATE: This book was recently republished by author in 2nd printing paperback and new, ebook (kindle edition) on Amazon now with birth name displayed for those unaware of ministry name change in 2004.  Discounts available for multiple orders.

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After surviving 43 years of a God-led, directed and protected journey, these revelations, insights and eternal truths given to share with others are priceless.  Whatever the losses incurred pale in the Light of great gains in wisdom, understanding and true, selfless LOVE.  

Available now on Amazon; also directly

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This is not about just avoiding the pitfalls of Holy Matrimony. It's about discovering personal identities, facing roots of childhood and adult trauma and overcoming all assaults against your true, eternal identity and destiny.

About Me: Mother Sarah; A mother of many met the Father of all!

Consider Yourself from a higher perspective


Embrace the Future

The Real Connection

The Real Connection

You are Unique. You have no copy.

Do you know who you really are?

Have you discovered how deeply and unconditionally you are loved? 

Are you on your planned path, or the path destined for you before time began?  Do you know you are a three-fold being; a temporal body, an eternal soul and spirit?

Become like a child in heart to tap the roots of your true identity, and find Peace like never before.


The Real Connection

The Real Connection

The Real Connection

Yes, I know how challenged this Truth is to some.  That's been the way since the Garden of Eden was eclipsed by evil... before that, Truth brought Joy, Freedom and Liberty to all embracing it. I won't live forever, so it's important to me to share what I've learned with all willing to re-learn the deep, amazing meaning of eternal LIFE!

Earth is suffering with many afflictions; she's passing away..


The XYZs of Life

The Real Connection

The XYZs of Life

You came to add your special, unique gift to enrich the lives of others.  One day, you too will depart.  Beloved one, what will you leave behind that will add strength, hope and recovery to others?

You have this one chance - this gift of breath to make, and leave your mark. Heaven and earth await your unique contribution, and look forward to sharing eternal rewards with you, in a better place.

A Journey through Unholy Matrimony

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Available now on Amazon; also directly

by Author via paypal.me/mothersarahsheart 

Those on my contact list may also use cash app,  

Price: $14.95 + $5.00, tax & Shipping

[Discount offered with multiple orders] 

Also: via Zelle 5/3 Bank - mothersarah1@gmail.com


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